Best of British TV Comedy Tour

That’s Entertainment Productions is proud to present Jeffrey Holland, Judy Buxton, Sue Hodge, April Walker and hosted by Debbie Hudd in Best of British TV Comedy.

Join these comedy legends for a behind-the-scenes look at TV nostalgia with Keith ‘Paddington’ Richards at the piano and prepare for an hilarious entertainment packed with anecdotes and rare footage. Plus, there’s the chance to meet the cast after the show and a surprise celebrity guest at every event!

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Judy is delighted to be playing Mildred Wilkins, wife of the Reverend Thomas Wilkins played by Jeffrey Holland, in the hilarious podcast Barmy Dale written by Martin Skellern and Stuart Wheeldon. Follow the folk of Barmy Dale as they battle the everyday, improbable and downright unlikely events of village life!

Cast Includes;Julliet Howland, Camilla Simson, Martin Skellern, Stuart Wheeldon, Martin Fenton Stevens, Karl Howman, Vicki Michelle, Nicholas Lumley, Nigel Barber, Louise Michelle, Will Chitty and Kate Skellern,

All episodes available here with more to be broadcast on BBC Radio Derby soon. 

Christmas Special 2021


The 2021 Christmas Special – Secret Santa will be broadcast on BBC Radio Derby from the 13th Dec 


Cast includes: Judy Buxton as Mildred Wilkins, Jeffrey Holland as Rev Wilkins, Vicki Michelle as Angie Edwards, Karl Howman as Sgt Linklater, Mike Fenton Stevens as Chief of Police


Simply Ken​ - TV Pilot


Judy is delighted to be playing the role of Alice in the comedy/drama pilot of Simply Ken filmed September 2021.

Appearing with Craig Shepherd in the pivotal role of Ken Codd, and Jeffrey Holland as Ken’s dad Stan, best friend Alice is on hand to support Ken, the man who has lost everything from his wife to his washing machine as he focuses on his relationship with his daughter Gwendolen (Ellie Blackburn). Written by Craig Shepherd and Alan Marni 


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